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Barun Biswas: A Martyr India Knew Too Late

This is the story of Barun Biswas , a school teacher, who single handedly taught a whole town to oppose gang rapists

Interview :Lt. Mamata B Mehta of the INA- One of Netaji’s Jhansi Ki Rani

  Editors Note: It is not every day that you meet a freedom fighter. It is rare to meet someone who took up arms

Extraordinary Professor: JJ Thomson and his Nobel Prize Factory

Editor’s Note: Between 1884 and 1919 an earnest looking Professor along with a bunch of talented research students in a rather underfunded Cavendish laboratory

India’s Lagaan Moment: First Indian Test Cricket Team

  Bhuvan was captain CK Naidu,Bhura was the paceman Mohammad Nissar, Ishwar was the wicketkeeper Janardhan Navle, Deva the all‐rounder Amar Singh.The dusty grounds

Munshi Premchand Fights Back from Oblivion in Howrah, West Bengal

At a house in a small residential lane in Howrah near Kolkata, Munshi Premchand is remembered and revered. And leading this is a couple

Faridabad: A Woman’s Vision to Build a City

Faridabad nestled within the National Capital Territory of Delhi is an unique experiment in township building never before attempted or ever later replicated in

Male Bastion Falls : Woman Wins the Fields Medal

The Fields Medal is often described as the “Nobel Prize in Mathematics” . Since its inception in 1936, not a single woman mathematician has

The Google Story : If it is Not on Google, It Doesnot Exist

It is said that " If it isn't on GOOGLE , it doesn't exist!. Millward Brown’s Brand Z 2014 Survey saw Google take the

Alexander’s Lost Army : The Brokpa Community of Ladakh

Editors Note: For them ethnicity defines status. They claim to be of pure Aryan stock and myth has it that they trace their genetic

The Too Few People. The Jew Community of Kolkata

In a city teeming with 4.5 million people lives a community comprising of just 20 members. They are too few to be considered a