Good Bye, So Long

Illustration by Rani Bhowani


Good Bye, So Long

Akanksha Sengupta

Can anyone please think the way I do?
If you can’t, then do not pass comments too.
Can anyone please see the world through my eyes?
If you can’t, then do not give that superficial advice.
Can anyone please feel life my way?
If you can’t, then take those big heavy words away.
I am not asking you to be me,
But for moment, do step into my shoes and see.

Don’t go about breaking this cracked piece of porcelain
If you can’t fix it, keep it aside,
I assure you, I just won’t mind.

I am not saying you all are wrong,
That is not the purpose of this song,
We all are different that is very very true,
Maybe it is this difference that happened between me and you,
I am sure one day we will definitely get along,
In hope of that date, goodbye- so long.

  1. Debasish verma

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