Male Bastion Falls : Woman Wins the Fields Medal

The Fields Medal is often described as the “Nobel Prize in Mathematics” . Since its inception in 1936, not a single woman mathematician has

The Google Story : If it is Not on Google, It Doesnot Exist

It is said that " If it isn't on GOOGLE , it doesn't exist!. Millward Brown’s Brand Z 2014 Survey saw Google take the

Holding On : The Anglo Indian Settlement in McCluskiegunj

About seventy years ago in early 1930s Anglo Indians started a unique colony in the jungles of Chottanagpur

Alexander’s Lost Army : The Brokpa Community of Ladakh

Editors Note: For them ethnicity defines status. They claim to be of pure Aryan stock and myth has it that they trace their genetic

Small Numbers Big Dreams : Toto from West Bengal

Toto tribe is only found in a tiny enclave called Totopara ,West Bengal. The clock is ticking on its extinction, but the community is

The Too Few People. The Jew Community of Kolkata

In a city teeming with 4.5 million people lives a community comprising of just 20 members. They are too few to be considered a