Interview :Lt. Mamata B Mehta of the INA- One of Netaji’s Jhansi Ki Rani

  Editors Note: It is not every day that you meet a freedom fighter. It is rare to meet someone who took up arms

Battle of Plassey: God Fought for Great Britain

Battle of Plassey paved the way for British entry into India. Indian side just ran out of luck. Almost everything went wrong on that

Pulling off the Impossible: Making of Pather Panchali

The story of making of Pather Panchali, one of world’s cinema's masterpieces is itself a story which can well become a film script. A

Reason Across the Enemy Line: Vikarna, the Unheralded Hero of Mahabharata

  It is seldom that one hears a voice of reason from enemy lines. One such rare personality was Vikarna, the younger brother of

আত্মজীবনী এবং বসন্ত কাল

আত্মজীবনী এবং বসন্ত কাল এবার বুকে আগুন রেখে দিলাম, এখন থেকে জীবন সুরু হোক. তোমার দু হাত আমার হাতে নিলাম, তোমার দু চোখ আলোর

Extraordinary Professor: JJ Thomson and his Nobel Prize Factory

Editor’s Note: Between 1884 and 1919 an earnest looking Professor along with a bunch of talented research students in a rather underfunded Cavendish laboratory

India’s Lagaan Moment: First Indian Test Cricket Team

  Bhuvan was captain CK Naidu,Bhura was the paceman Mohammad Nissar, Ishwar was the wicketkeeper Janardhan Navle, Deva the all‐rounder Amar Singh.The dusty grounds

Indian Soldiers who Made Their Last Battle Cry at Papua and New Guinea

Editor’s Note: About 7600 kms from homeland in a cluster of Islands called  Papua and New Guinea, off the coat of Australia, a handful

সেই মেয়েটা

Editor’s note: This Poem has been sent to us by Parama Dasgupta in response to the beautiful poem titled  That Girl by Anindita Ganguly  published

Hathipaon, Mussourie: Here Resided the Man After Whom Mt Everest Is Named

  The highest mountain in the world Mt Everest is named after Sir George Everest. Sir Everest is credited with the survey of India.


মেয়েটা সেই মেয়েটা চলছিল পথ নির্জনে চেনা পথে ভয় ছিলনা তার মনে এই বয়সে শরীর জোড়া ছন্দ তার শুনলনা কেউ পথের বাঁকে সে চীৎকার

Cause for Applause: German Professor Delivers A Keynote Address in Chaste Bangla

The video features Prof Hans Harder delivering in fluent Bengali the keynote address at the inauguration of Book Fair in Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2015.